Tanga Cultural Tourism Enterprise

Tanga cultural tourism initiative is located in the Tanga region, 440 km from Arusha, 354 km from Dar es Salaam. It lies between Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar on the northeastern coast of mainland Tanzania.

The following tours are on offer:

* Amboni caves tour

* Tongoni ruins

* Toten Island tour

* Hot sulphur springs

* Yambe Island tour

* Ulenge Island tour

* Sand Bank Island tour

* Swahili coast traditional dances

* Visiting traditional healers

* Fishing with local fishermen


Tanga caveTanga ruin

Amboni caves tour (2.5 hours)

Amboni guided tour starts from Tanga City centre through various historical buildings then to Kiomoni village. You will get to know how local brew is prepared as you pass through a number of local clubs and get to know the lime making process as well. Outside the caves enjoy a natural forest around and welcoming sounds of monkeys and birds. Your guide will take you through various compartments/rooms used for different purposes and enjoy the Cave’s natural beauty while listening to well narrated stories about the caves. Amboni caves are 8 kms from the Tanga city centre. Visitors can opt to explore the caves by a rented tax (2 hours tour), use a bicycle (3 hours tour) or use public transport and then walk for 20 minutes to the caves from public road (5 hours).

Toten Island tour (3hours)

On your dhow or engine boat, sail to Toten Island to meet the fishing villagers and explore a coastal forest dominated by huge and majestic Baobabs. Listen to hundreds of tales and myths surrounding the Baobab trees and the island. Proceed to the Portuguese ruins which are remains of what used to be a prison in the 15th century. Explore the great places where at different colonial times British and Germans lived.

Hot sulphur springs tour (1.5 hours)

A cycling tour to gallanos sulphuruos hot spring which the local people used to bath for skin healing, while crossing local farms of various types like coconut groves and vegetable gardens, and learn the process of planting to harvesting of the crops.

Yambe Island tour (6 hours)

Explore old German ruins which were used as quarantine in 19th century on a half day sailing tour to Yambe Island. Come and meet local inhabitants in this area and learn more about their cultures.

Tongoni ruins tour (2 hours)

Tongoni ruins are one of the most famous ruins in the history of Shirazi people who once lived on the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa. As the old buildings speak, this is one of the first Shiraz settlements with everything that can depict their culture, including old graves waiting for you to explore. Beyond the ruins, take a fishing village cultural walk. This will give you an opportunity to meet descendants of those who lived in the ruins.

Ndumi village tour (3 hours)

The tour will take you along the Coast of Indian Ocean to explore old buildings, collections of relic such as coins, beads and shards of pottery at Ndumi dating from the 14th century.

Ulenge Island tour by boat (half day)

Visitors will explore the German building which was use as and administration block by the Germans during the colonial period, German graves and hospital.

Sand bank tour (full day)

Tour starts from Raskazoni, passing by the fish market where you will see how the fishermen trade the fish business and identify different species of fish. Proceed for your water sports activities (diving, snorkeling and boat rides).

Traditional dance (4-5 hours)

A group of women known as TWAN perform traditional dances to give you an insight into their traditional dance and songs. You will participate in various Swahili dances, elaborating events such as marriage ceremony.

Traditional healer

Get an insight into how African traditional healers do their work. Your guide will explain various things about the healing process, medicines and different diseases cured.


Sisal farm tour (3 hours)

Get an insight into sisal production by visiting the sisal plantation. Learn the whole process from how sisal is grown to the final stage of making sisal ropes locally and other modern factory processing. Then proceed to local salt mining farms just beyond the sisal plantations.

Fishing with local fishermen (6 hours)

You will participate in fishing with local fishermen using locally available materials. Your catch of the day that will be prepared as part of your meal and the rest will be sold at the fish market. Learn how to negotiate when selling fish after a long hard work in the Indian Ocean.

Where to stay

A wide range of guest houses, hotels and lodges is available in and around the town of Tanga. Campgrounds are available in various places depending on the nature of your tour around the region. Camping facilities and mountain bikes can be hired in Tanga town at a very reasonable price. The tourist information office or tour guides can make arrangements for homestays and overnights in local guest houses when staying or making hikes of several days in Tanga.

Tour guides

The guides of Tanga Cultural Tourism Initiative are indigenous to the Tanga region. They speak good English and have ample experience in tour guiding in the area.

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Contact Us

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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