Bujora Cultural Tourism

Come and experience authentic Sukuma culture!

Located in Mwanza, Tanzania, Bujora Cultural Centre is an ideal place for relaxation and learning the Sukuma cultural life. The centre is under the arch-diosease of Mwanza, committed to promote, celebrate and integrate traditional life and cotemporary life of the Sukuma people.

On your visit to Bujora cultural center you will explore the following areas:

* Bujora church with unique architectural design

* Sukuma royal pavilion

* Sukuma traditional homestead

* Sukuma archives

* Medicine man’s pavilion

* Botanic garden

* Recreational and camping site

* African traditional clinic

* Vocational training centre

* Sukuma Traditional Dancers pavilion


Bujora drummerBujora structure

Bujora church

Explore the Bujora church which reflects Sukuma traditional architecture. The church was built in 1958, in the shape of a Sukuma royal house. Its interior contains cultural symbols and articles, where liturgical services are integrated with Sukuma way of life and Christian rites.

Sukuma Royal Pavilion

Get a chance to visit the Sukuma royal pavilion to get insight into Sukuma royal history. The pavillion is a symbol of the Sukuma chiefs’ reign and chiefdom. It is built in the shape of the royal throne, which is a typical traditional architecture. You will be enchanted by families’ history, royal thrones stories and exhibitions of artifacts, drums and chiefdoms.

Traditional Dance Pavilion

It exhibits several Sukuma dances, artifacts and history. Photos of great Sukuma dancers of all ages together with their original tools are on display. You will have a chance to observe and participate in traditional dances.

Sukuma Traditional Homestead

Explore the Sukuma traditional homestead to experience the local lifestyle. The Sukuma traditional homestead exhibits typical Sukuma traditional dwellings, compound and objects of daily life such as cooking utensils, religious articles, shepherds’ and agricultural implements.

Vocational Training Centre

You will also have a chance to visit our vocational training centre, which conducts training courses for youth. Among the courses offered are carving, pottery, blacksmith, carpentry, masonry, tailoring and welding. A curio shop is in place and offers visitors a wide range of traditional gifts to take back home. Casual and liturgical vestments sewn with African touch are available at a reasonable price. Buying one of these locally made authentic products supports local families’ livelihoods directly.

Medicine Man’s Pavilion

Visit the medicine man, who is a traditional healer in the Sukuma land. Learn how you can cure problems traditionally. This pavilion displays the traditional healers’ dwellings and compound. Photos of renowned Sukuma healers are on display. You can extend your visit to an African clinic, which offers traditional medicine as an alternative treatment and conducts research on traditional medicines in Sukuma land, Tanzania and beyond.

Botanic garden

The garden is constituted with more than one hundred species of local plants marked with traditional and botanical names. This is a garden of medicinal plants planted with assistance of Anamed Tanzania in connection with the African clinic. Come and learn how powerful and efficient botanical medicines are!

Recreational and accommodation facilities

The centre has two canteens for drinks, traditional foods and a camping site. While at Bujora you may request the thrilling Sukuma traditional dances performed by the Sukuma dance troupe. In mid June the centre organizes a two-week dancing competition where traditional artists from all over Sukuma land are converted for Bulabo festival during the Corpus Christ.

How to get there:

Bujora is located about 18 km east of Mwanza off Musoma/Serengeti Ndabaka gate road. Take a daladala (mini-bus) from the central bus stand in Mwanza to Kisesa. Once in Kisesa, take a short walk along the main road until you see the sign for Bujora Primary school. Turn left at the sign and follow the gravel road for about 2 km to the cultural centre.

Visit us today and enjoy the living traditional hospitality of the Sukuma people in its natural and cultural setting!

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