Butiama Museum and Cultural Tourism

On the northwestern side of Serengeti National Park, 60 kilometres from Ndabaka Gate (western gate to the Serengeti National Park), you will meet the great people of the Wazanaki ethnic group. Butiama is the birthplace and burial location of the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the founding president of Tanzania who began his political career in the early 1950s, led Tanzanians to independence in 1961, and remained in politics until his voluntary retirement in 1985.

Gain insight into the life history and the way of life of the Zanaki people. Appreciate beautiful landscapes with hills and mountains, and learn about the kinship leadership system.

The following tours are on offer:

* A welcome to the Father of the Nation’s home.

* A visit to Chief Edward Wanzagi’s homestead.

* A visit to The Mwalimu J.K. Nyerere Museum.

* A visit to the mausoleum of Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere.

* Trekking up the Chamuriyo hill, visit German soldiers hiding caves, graveyards and get a panoramic view of Lake Victoria, Serengeti plains and surrounding human settlements.

* Visit community development projects, local schools and health centres found in the area.

* Cotton farm tour: see how people practice cotton farming.

* A home stay with Wazanaki family to enjoy traditional food and their unique lifestyle.

It’s a great way to learn the culture of the people.


There are various options for the tours:

Half-day tour:

Option 1: Butiama village tour:

A welcome to Mwalimu Nyerere homestead. Get a guided tour around the home and the Mwalimu Nyerere’s mausoleum, then proceed to the Mwalimu J.K. Nyerere Museum and then to the village area where cassava farms are found. Get a glimpse of cassava farming. Visit a traditional healer famous for treating infertility together with other diseases since the ancient times.

Option 2:

Visit Nyerere’s homestead and then proceed to the Butiama Museum before walking to Mtuzu hill, a short hike of just over an hour. Get a panoramic view of the Butiama village the farms and people’s settlement, Lake Victoria, and the Mara River valley.


Full-day tour

Take a guided walk around Father of the Nation’s homestead and then walk down through a village to visit traditional Wazanaki homestead, to explore the culture and then proceed to visit Kyarano dam, and the farms of Mwalimu Nyerere.

* Visitors with a full day may opt to visit the German soldiers' hiding caves, a place used as armoury for military weapon and German graves that have existed since colonial times on Chamuriyo hill.

* Tailor-made tours and excursions can be organized where mountain bikes can be used as a means of transport.

Traditional Ceremonies and Events:

The energetic Wazanaki traditional dancers will give you an insight into their culture by their captivating songs and dances. You can watch, experience and even participate in a variety of dances symbolising various occasions and traditional events such as traditional marriage and bride-price giving ceremonies at home.

Kilimanjaro Climbing — Fund-raising for Nyerere Education and Health Fund. Butiama Cultural Tourism Enterprise welcomes all interested people around the globe to participate in this memorable Kili trekking tour, which is organized every September to raise money for charitable ends.

Ngoreme Hotspring Tour

Our visitors will have an opportunity to explore a hot spring found in the area while enjoying magnificent iconic kopjes dotting the land and finally get a cultural insight of Wangoreme inhabitants of the area. Listen to folklore and nice stories about their culture as its explained to you by Wangoreme elders.

Serengeti National Park

We can link you to Serengeti National Park, the home of the great wildebeest migration a most spectacular display of wild animals.

Other activities on offer: Participating in daily African life activities, volunteering in primary, secondary and/or nursery schools teaching various subjects, volunteering in health projects within and around Mara region.

Getting there:

Butiama Museum and Cultural Tourism is located in Western Serengeti, about 60 kilometres from Ndabaka gate of Serengeti National Park. One can board the commuter buses, daladala, that ply the route between Butiama and Musoma throughout the day. Butiama is located only 40 kilometres from Musoma. Alternatively, visitors arriving from Arusha can travel on one of the passenger buses that travel daily between Arusha and Musoma, and get off at Butiama.

Where to stay:

JKN Hotel offers decent accommodation services with 14 rooms that can accommodate up to 20 visitors. There are special rates for students. Homestay and camping options are available. Rates are affordable.

The Butiama mosque hostel offers modest accommodation with eight rooms capable of accommodating 12 visitors. Couples are required to show proof of marriage.

For further information, contact:

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