Kisesa Cultural Tourism Enterprise

‘Explore the largest tribe in Tanzania, and the shores of the largest lake in Africa’

Kisesa Cultural Tourism Enterprise (KICTE) is located 17km from Mwanza city center, the way to the Serengeti National Park. KICTE is where you can meet the largest tribe in Tanzania and experience beautiful shores of the largest lake in Africa, the Lake Victoria. Explore the traditions and natural environment of the Sukuma people and listen to stories about the past regarding slave trade and chiefdom systems as it was practiced in the area.

Kisesa Cultural Tourism Enterprise offers the following:

* A visit to community development projects

* A visit to the community traditional healer

* Sukuma traditional dance

* A visit to Kageye historical site

* Lake Victoria execution

* A visit to Kayenze fishing village

* Boat safari to either Bezi or Defu islands in Lake Victoria

* Cycling tour to Maghaka Hill

* A visit to Bujora Sukuma Museum

* A visit to Friday local market or daily morning community market


Kisesa craftsKisesa dance

Tour to development projects (1-2 hours)

When in our village, visitors will get an opportunity to visit various development projects and local community schools, health centers and local art group sites. This tour will give our visitors an insight into local culture and daily life of the people.

Tour to traditional healer (1-1.5 hours)

A visit to a traditional healer is magnificent. You will witness their doctorial practices and learn how they use different traditional medicines to cure various diseases. It is the same place where you can also see the traditional Sukuma boma and learn how the local people live. Spend part of your glorious time at the home of the traditional healer, listen to stoies and learn where they get their Sukuma healing powers.

Traditional dance of the Sukuma dancers (15 min-1 hour)

What the Sukuma people like most are their authentic and energetic dances. Be part of the dance by participating with local people in the dance. Sukuma people have different types of dances from the Snake dance to Banungule dance which are the most loved by visitors.

Tour to Kageye historical site (3-5 hours)

Explore Kageye Historical Site which is home to the graves of the famous and early time explores who ventured into Africa in those old days. The site keeps the history of slave trade, explorer Stanley as well as cultural heritage properties for the Sukuma culture. The ruins and remaining graves talks volumes regarding the people, colonialism and to-date cultural heritage.

Kayenze village — old village tour (2-4 hours):

A tour to Kayenze fishing village is magical. Visitors will meet local people busy fishing, buying and selling fish in their local fish market. There is a daily local fish market that takes place in the morning hours from 06:00 to 09:00 hours. This village grew in connection with Kageye and its slave trade. From here you can start boat tour to explore the two islands in Lake Victoria. In these islands visitors will see different bird species, get a close-up view into local fishermen villages and enjoy the natural environment around.

Cycling tour to Maghaka Hill (1-3 hours)

Perhaps the best way to explore the Sukuma land is through cycling. Try out to do interesting cycling to Maghaka Hill for a short hike to its roof where the views are magnificent. From the roof of the hill, you will view the beauty of the Sukumaland. Beautiful picnic site is also found on top of the hill where cool wind soothes your sole.

Where to stay

Hotels and lodges are available within and around Kisesa village and Mwanza city. Our local tour guides and the Tour Coordinator can help you with booking.

Getting there

There are regular mini-buses (daladala) from Mwanza city centre to Kisesa. You can get them at Kemondo, near Bank of Tanzania (BoT). They are written KISESA– BWIRU; ILEMELA–KISESA or AIRPORT-KISESA. With the bus, land at the end point and then you can follow the signboards, or call the office number so that our local guides can meet you at the daladala station. You can also hire a taxi from the city centre to Kisesa.

Tanzania Tourist Board offices at New Mwanza Hotel provide information and handle bookings for this tour on our behalf.

For bookings and reservation: Contact the Coordinator
Mobile: +255 (0) 757 729816/ 784 754447
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Us

Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme
Museum Buildings, Boma Road
P . O . Box 2348
Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: + 255 27 205 0025
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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