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Nestled on the foot of the Balili hill ranges, the region provides breathtaking views of the Serengeti plains and Lake Victoria. This is definitely a destination for everyone thinking of going on safari in Africa and learning about the local cultures. Bunda is located 15 minutes from the Serengeti, 20 minutes from the shores of Lake Victoria and 3 hours from Sirari/Isebania Tanzania-Kenya border. This makes the village an ideal place to stop for coffee or stay in a comfortable tented Balili Village lodge and campsite depending on your budget.

Tembea Mara Tourism offers various tours, including:

* Balili hill range excursion

* Lake Victoria excursions

* Lamadi fishing village tour

* Balili village experience

* Barazani lounge services

* Multiple days Mara villages tour

Balili Hill Range Excursions

A number of activities are organized to explore the Balili hill range, which stands at 1604m, stretching over large parts of Bunda skyline and jutting into the sprawling inland. The hills are visible from Serengeti National Park and Bunda town with its beautiful vegetation and paved walkways. The rooftop of the hills provides an expansive view of Bunda town, Lake Victoria, and the Serengeti endless plain. We have several routes, which offer visitors the best vantage views and can accommodate everyone in your group depending on fitness and interest.

Package A: Balili special uphill walk (1 hour)

You will walk up hill with your experienced guide from Balili village through a steep terrain. While criss-crossing acacia trees and herbs growing between granite rocks one will be enjoying a majestic view of Lake Victoria and the Bunda town. Listen to hundreds of stories and what local people believe about the hills, the lake and the Serengeti as narrated by your local guide. The tour is for experienced walkers. On arrival at the top one will enjoy a picnic lunch.

Package B: Balili Hill trekking (1-2 hours)

You will enjoy a walk through a gently sloped route while enjoying a small waterfall and a natural forest with crispy air. At the hill top there will be a short tour to enjoy various views of Serengeti plains, Lake Victoria and Bunda town from different vantage points. At the end of the tour, one will seat and enjoy a picnic lunch at the hill top.

Package C: Balili Hill 4X4 (30 minutes-1 hour)

One can opt to embark on a guided 4x4 drive to the hill top. Driving to the top can take about 30 minutes covering 16 km through a road with a number of hair-pin corners. This is another exciting option for the Balili hill excursion where at the end you will enjoy the views and a picnic lunch or a sundowner.

Please note that other combinations are available. You can walk uphill and drive back.

Lake Victoria excursions (half-day/full-day tours)

The best part about the area is the excursions via canoes and boats on Lake Victoria which makes exploring it exceptionally simple and inspiring. The lake offers great opportunities for sport fishing and a rare chance to sample the traditional fishing practices. Spend your glorious day fishing something for your dinner. Fishing experience can be tailored for half day (2-4 hours) to full day (6-8 hours) using motor boats.

Lake Victoria fishing village walk (1-3 hours)

You will visit Mwabulugu with our local guide, a remote fishing village where visitors are taken on guided tour. On this tour one will meet the local people and listen to stories regarding their way of life including an opportunity to visit a local school and dispensary. Beyond the sensual thrill of experiencing a fisherman’s lifestyle with women working to preserve the fish for future use, you will experience a bit of social intrigue as well.

Village Tours (half-day to multiple days tour)

Our local guides were born and raised in Mara region and have been members of local tribes living here for decades. We can tailor a wide variety of cultural village tours depending on your interest. We normally take villages to experience different cultures, traditional music and dance, drumming, African cuisines, African art and traditional healing as practiced by our highly respected healers.

Balili village experience and Barazani lounge services

Tembea Mara Tourism Initiative manages a visitors’ information centre that provides general information regarding the Mara region for free. The tourist information centre, including the Barazani lounge that offers fine dining services with coffee and wide range of drinks, is installed with WiFi. We can also link you to the Serengeti and other great cultural tourism destinations in Mara region including The Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Museum (Butiama)

Where to stay

Balili village offers a number tent cabins for your relaxation while on safari in Africa. The tents are installed with private ‘open-air’ toilets and shower facilities, providing a unique view of acacia trees and various rocks on Balili hill side. On the other hand, there is a campground installed with classy amenities available for visitors who like camping under African skies. The tour coordinator can also arrange for other suitable accommodation options on request to suit your needs. Balili Village is a perfect place to stay for those who want to explore Serengeti National Park. There is a huge area for camping for those who like a camping adventure.

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