Ukerewe Cultural Tourism

“Lake Victoria’s paradise”

Ukerewe Cultural Tourism enterprise is located in one of the largest islands in Lake Victoria and the largest inland island in Africa’ Ukerewe Island. The island is about 50 km north of Mwanza City, some 4-5 hours travel by ferry and has an area of approximately 530 square kilometres. The shoreline of Ukerewe Island is beautiful with its numerous bays carved in different shapes. Ukerewe is a must-go destination in Lake Victoria. Many visitors fall in love with this Island due to its simple lifestyle and rocky terrain broken by lake vistas and tiny patches of forests. Sights include agricultural activities in which the residents farm maize, sweet potatoes, millet, cassava and rice, including the main activity here, fishing in various traditional ways. The island is a gateway to explore another 27 small islands surrounding the neighborhood with three of them not occupied by humans and the rest occupied by fishermen with their families.

We people of Ukerewe Island offer the following tours:

* Ukara Island day tour

* Cycling experience in rural villages

* A tour to the dancing stone

* Cultural village walk

* A visit to historical sites

* Canoeing and boat safaris

* Lake Victoria excursions

* Fishing with local fishermen

* Traditional cuisines lessons and experience

* Farm tours

Cultural village walking tour (half day/full day)

Enjoy a walking safari to Irondo village to see traditional dances and have a touch of true African beats. You can visit Old Chief’s Palace to see some old tools used for various purposes. Stretch your muscles by visiting the historical sites with German graves, African Chiefs graves, pre-colonial war hiding caves and Old Boma. Proceed to the natural paradise of Rubya Forest and old churches in the nearby village. Our village walks brings visitors closer to local people and provide room to socialize while participating in various traditional activities.

Ukara Island (full-day tour)

You will visit Ukara Island to explore the dancing stone, crocodile tree, the knife of truth and learn how Ukara people perform their daily activities. Visit a highly praised and respected fortune teller who lives near the ‘dancing stone’.

Lake Victoria Safaris (half-day/full-day)

Get a special chance to explore Lake Victoria, which is the largest tropical lake in the world. The sunrise at Lake Victoria is great and will give your energy to start and enjoy your day. Our trained local tour guides will explain to you about its features while enjoying the spectacular blue glittering view of the lake. Boat excursions and canoeing are organized on request based on our visitors' interests.

Fish with Local Fishermen

Don’t miss the chance to learn about Ukerewe’s fishing styles in Lake Victoria. Fish something for your lunch or dinner. Sport fishing is also available for visitors depending on your interest.

Multiple-day tours

The Cultural Tourism Enterprise office located in Nansio area near the port organizes multiple-day tours where itineraries can be tailored according to visitors’ interest, budget and type of activities chosen.

Other options

Canoeing upon request or enjoy our local cuisines.

On your visit to Ukerewe Island you will be provided with a traditional lunch and a welcome drink of juice, water, or soda (beers will be charged extra). We can also arrange for a campfire barbecue buffet/dinner as well as breakfast depending on your kind request.

Accommodation facilities

Ukerewe has a range of guest houses and camp sites in Bwiru and Irondo villages.


Our local guides are trained and speak good English and of course Kerewe is their mother tongue.

Volunteer programme

Ukerewe Cultural Tourism Programme can arrange for a volunteer experience in the health and education sectors in our district and region.

Getting there

From Mwanza you can visit Ukerewe Island by a ferry sailing 4-5 hours daily to and from Nansio Port, two times per day or From Musoma / Serengeti via Bunda across Rugezi. The ferry through Rugezi takes 45 minutes to an hour to Ngoma port. Our guides can meet and pick visitors at any point of interest. Let us know where you would like to meet them.

For more information and bookings:
Please contact the Tour Coordinator through
+255 (0) 686 987045/ 759 313731/ 712 475640
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Tanzania Tourist Board - Lake Zone Office Mwanza
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Tel: +255 282500818

Contact Us

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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