Ifulong Cultural Tourism

‘Authentic cultural experience, far from the crowd’ We the people of Njoro and Poli villages are pleased to welcome visitors to experience real African rural life through:

•    A guided Cultural Village walking tour
•    A banana experience tour
•    A coffee experience tour (Farm tour and traditional coffee processing)
•    A hike to Rumale hill
•    A bird watching experience with locals
•    A hike to Nkwerangya and Kirundumin waterfalls
•    A glance view of Wa-meru culture and history
•    A visit to Nringaringa: epicenter of Meru culture and traditional administration
•    A home-stay experience with local families
•    A farm experience
•    A traditional African dishes cooking experience/ lessons
•    Barbecue and story telling

Ifulong coffeeIfulong hut

Half-day tours:

There are three options for visitors who will spend 2-4 hours in our village:

Njoro Village Cultural Walk (2-4 hours)

Our walking guided cultural tour will take you through narrow paths between coffee & banana farms on the green slopes of Mount Meru where history and culture of Meru people will be explained. Learn day-to-day life of the local people by visiting their local homes, local beer and wine sites, waterfalls, local schools, health centres, Nringaringa Meru tribe traditional site and a tree nursery. Submerse yourself into local way of life and take a cool swim at our natural swimming pool in one of the waterfalls.

Coffee experience (2-3 hours)

The tour starts with a farm visit to see and learn how farmers plant coffee tree, care the tree at different stages until they pick ripe cherries. After the farm experience, visitors will learn different steps it takes  to dry, roast, grind and then make a personal cup of coffee to taste with friends and the host family/local farmers.

Waterfalls tour (2-3 hours)

This two hours guided tour will take visitors through rural village foot trails, coffee and banana farms, down to the scenic river banks of Uriro river, with tropical vegetation and various bird species & primates. Visitors will proceed to the waterfall where one can view magnificent rock formations and thundering water.

Banana Experience/tour (2-3 hours)

This tour will take visitors to a banana farm to learn how banana trees are planted; identify various varieties and species of banana grown on slopes of Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro. After the farm experience, visitors will see and learn how different varieties of bananas are used. This session will take visitors to learn how banana wine and beer is locally produced and learn how local people preserve bananas for various future uses. The tour ends with sampling various banana dishes.

Village Cycling Tour

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore beautiful African cultural landscapes. Our cycling tours takes visitors through local farms where they learn home- garden farming agricultural heritage system, traditional village life, coffee and banana farms, local schools, health centres, old churches, Meru tribe Nringaringa cultural site and closer to some of beautiful and simple waterfalls of the area. This tour takes 2 - 4 hours.

A plus is leaving behind the Safari jeep- and then experience the sense of freedom and a personal control of the adventure. We organize full day and multiple days cycling tours around Mount Meru areas on request.

Please note that: The above tour options can be combined for a full day experience or two days with a night in a local family or village camping.

Ifulong flowersIfulong coffee beans

Full-day tours

Full-Day Ifulony Village Experience (5-7 hours)

The tour will take our visitors through  various beautiful farms of coffee and bananas, historical site of Nringaringa referred by locals as a cultural melting pot for Meru tribe, visit to waterfall, local families, local beer processing sites, Old churches, visit to local schools, health centres and pottery making women group. While in the village visitors will have a chance to enjoy with a local family a traditional African lunch.

Overnight programme

Our  programme  organizes  for  afternoon   half day tours, overnight in homestay  arrangement  with a local family or camping where tents are offered at affordable prices. In the evening various entertainments will be provided including story telling around a big fire, learn about the stars/ astronomy and participate in barbecue preparations or traditional dance and music.

Two days / one night tours

After a full day Ifulong Village experience tour, the next day after breakfast your guide will take you   on a walk to the top of Shimbumbu hill to enjoy the magnificent views of Mount Meru, Lake Duluti Caldera and Arusha town, then departure through Tengeru. On the way visitors will explore an old local Nsungu Market, Makitengo waterfall and canyons of the river. Visitors will also get a chance to learn how local barbecue, beers /wines are prepared. Get to test one of the finest local wines and beers in rural Africa and enjoy a traditionally made barbecue.

For the visitors who overnight in the village, the evening time is a good time to enjoy sports with youth groups, visit a local bar for refreshing local beer and wine or get a cup of tea/coffee while relaxing at your host family.

Mount Meru Village Full-Day Hiking (4-6 hours)

Takes visitors through hilly rural villages on the southern green slopes of Mount  Meru. The  tour will combine visiting local coffee farms along the way, local beer preparation sites, waterfalls and scenic views of the surrounding villages, hills, the Kilimanjaro peaks and crater lakes found on slopes of Mount Meru. Uphill hiking will take visitors to 1,800m above the sea level, learn the history and mystery of the local mountain farmers, watch the birds and visit local schools along the way to Seela village. After a hot traditional lunch/packed lunch, the tour will continue through lush green narrow foot paths and immerse yourself in one of the natural waterfalls and swimming pools after a local wine and beer tasting experience.

Seela - Shimbumbu hill hiking (4-6 hours)

The tour starts at  Poli  Barazani  historical  site  and then proceeds to Seela market. Visitors will  get a chance to visit little treasures of our village ‘Makitengo Waterfalls’ and natural river canyon before turning South on hilly slopes of Shimbumbu hill. Hike to the roof of  Shimbumbu  hill  village  that stands at 1520m above sea level and enjoy sweeping views of the scenic landscape around including the Mount Meru, Lake Duluti (caldera lake) and the Kilimanjaro’s peaks. Here visitors will learn how Meru tribe practice traditional agriculture on the mountain slopes. Walk back to Seela village for traditional hot lunch and then take a cool swim in a natural pool after a local beer preparation and testing experience.

Extra interesting activities:

* Learn Swahili with your guide and local host family

* Get your hair braided

* Visit community development projects

* FIT for Kili Program: We organize professional Mount Kilimanjaro trekking training and acclimatization program for our esteemed visitors. Come and join our team of professionals for a 1 or 5 days long program. Every climber regardless of experience do found our training educative and enjoyable. The program involves intensive hiking around the hilly slopes of mount Meru up to 1,800m. above sea level and can also include Mount Meru trekking for 3 to 4 days depending on your request and level of training you want.

Where to stay

There are two options for accommodation in our Village, one is camping on a family camp ground that can accommodate up to 30 pax and the other one is a homestay where different families can accommodate visitors for a couple of days. However, there are several hotels/lodges and guest houses in the towns of Tengeru (6kms away), Usa river (7kms away) and Arusha town (20kms away).

Getting there

There are daily commuters that ply the way between Arusha and Usa river. Get out at Someli and walk north towards Mount Meru for 30-40 minutes to Poli Barazani where our local home office is located. Our village is located alongside Arusha-Moshi highway, 25 kms from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).

For bookings and further information:

Contact Tanzania Tourist Board or our Tour Coordinator
Ifulong Cultural Tourism Enterprise Hotline: + 255 762012006
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Visit: www.arushaculturaltours.com

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