Kiliman Cultural Tourism

‘Explore one of the greatest Coffee Cultural Landscapes of Africa’

The Kiliman Cultural Tourism initiative was established for the purpose of bringing visitors close to local coffee farmers who lives on the slopes of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro ‘the roof of Africa’. Forming one of the most important Coffee Cultural Landscapes of Africa, the villages of Uru Kaskazini ward lies in an area with incomparable natural beauty. The landscapes’ Coffee growers and their Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union (KNCU) have survived some decades producing one of the finest Arabica coffees on planet Earth highly praised for its aroma and great taste. Their way of life and Kihamba Chagga Home-garden agricultural heritage system has highly supported the ecosystem integrity of their home villages and the UNESCO’s world heritage site ‘The Kilimanjaro National Park’.

The highlights for the cultural experience in the area are:

  • * Kilimanjaro Coffee tour
  • * Chagga historical hike
  • * Cultural Village Walk
  • * Banana tour
  • * Nature Walk


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Coffee tour (2-3 hours)

Through our ‘Kahawa Shambani-Africa Initiative’ our local tour guides shows visitors how coffee beans are grown, picked, grinded and roasted. You will walk through a traditional Chagga village and visit coffee plantations. In this community-run venture one will get an insight into the lives of the Chagga coffee farmers who live on Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes. Get to know the history of the local people, their co-operative union and how they do fair-trade. One will have a chance to grind, roast and make own fresh cup of coffee. Meals with local families can be arranged, as part of the experience during the tour.

Chagga Historical Hike (2-3 hours)

You will hike on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro through great valleys with steep and gentle slopes. Listen to stories about their long history of farming around the area, how they practice Chagga home-garden farming system, traditional irrigation canals, cattle husbandry and how they adapt to today’s global environmental challenges. In this village, there are numerous massive underground tunnels where Chagga people with their livestock used to hide during inter-tribal wars with local neighboring tribes like the Maasai. Your guide will take you in this adventure after a glance view of Chagga traditional hut.

Cultural Village Walk (2-3 hours)

Our Chagga village is truly green where almost all villagers are traditional farmers. On your walk, you will spend part of your time learning about the local people’s way of life and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain slopes and river valleys. The tour will involve visiting a local family, local market, local beer brewing sites and a primary or secondary school.

Nature Walk (2-3 hours)

You will experience the natural beauty of our village and the mountain forest on foot. The village is blessed with all the beauty worth visiting for holiday, weekend outing or vacation. While in the village, scenic view of Moshi town and Mount Kilimanjaro   is incredible. Our local Tour Guide will take you on trail that goes along the Kilimanjaro National Park a place full of green vegetation and fresh air.

Banana Tour (2-3hours)

A tour takes visitors deep into Chagga Home Garden Agricultural Heritage system experience. Our village local farmers/tour guides will explain what it takes in practicing the banana farming on mountainous areas. Get to know the uses of different varieties of Banana grown around Kilimanjaro area. Learn how various Banana beers and wines are locally processed by local brewers. Meals at local families can be arranged. Part of the meal will include banana prepared in different styles.

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Value of your visit

Your visit is highly valued by local coffee farmers as it provides them with additional income and creates   an important standing bridge between coffee consumers and the producers. Money accrued through this enterprise supports local families with meals, clothes, school fees and furnishes development projects accessed by all community members.

Places to stay

Visitors spend their night in a well maintained campsite with all the necessary facilities. We provide camping gears and offer full board camping arrangements. There are opportunities to stay with local families in special arrangements. Our homestay programme is one of the best in the region and it provides a great opportunity to visitors to interact with local host families.

Getting there

Our local guides can pick you in any hotel in Moshi town/from Kilimanjaro International Airport. There are local commuters that ply the way between Moshi and Uru. From here one will walk for 10 minutes to Kiliman Cultural Tourism Enterprise office.

For further information and booking: Contact the Tour Coordinator through:

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Hotline: +255 (0) 765 143 737 or +255 782 324 121

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