Lyamungo Cultural Tourism

‘Magical village on the green slopes of the Kilimanjaro’

Lyamungo, a village in Hai district, is typical of those found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro with subsistence agriculture farming in small holdings as the mainstay of the community. The interface of the village is all about the open smiling people, banana and coffee plantations. The farms provide an interesting sighting. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and local ambience is real here in the backdrop of a few traditional houses.

We the people of Lyamungo offer the following to our visitors:

* Coffee farm experience

* Cultural village walk

* Bird watching

* A visit to Weru weru river

* A view of the local culture

* A visit to a Chagga hut

* Homestay experience

* A visit to banana handcraft makers

* A visit to a women pottery project


Lyamungo weaverLyamungo dance

Half-Day Tour: Package A: Lyamungo village cultural tour (2-3 hours)

The guides at Lyamungo cultural tourism and home stay are happy to share with visitors their culture through a walking tour to their small spice garden, the coffee farms, local food and beer preparation, and bird watching. Visitors are also taken on a short visit in the backyard to see medicine plants used by the locals. A cultural experience starts with a glimpse view of Chagga traditional hut with various cultural artifacts some in use to date and ends with sampling traditional food, wines, coffee and tea.

Half-Day Tour: Package B: Coffee and local art project experience (2-3 hours)

The traditional thriving community runs a project in which pottery making interest many visitors. There is more to life here beyond the banana leaves which are used to make hats, table mats, jackets and other items through their handcraft project. Visitors will have a view and learn how local artisans do their skillful work. This will be combined with coffee farm lessons and see how coffee is processed from the farm until one gets own cup of coffee. Visitors play leading role in this process.

Full-Day Tour: Package C

The tour combines package A and B and then a traditional lunch is served with Banana wine and beer as well. The tour will also take visitors to some natural beautiful scenic places in the village. A superlative hike to the Weruweru River located two kilometers from the village with a picnic site nearby interest many visitors. Here you can try local fishing methods and visit the caves which were used in the last millennia during tribal wars mostly between the Maasai and the Chaggas.

Two-Day Tour: Package D

The tour combines package C with evening activities of visiting a local wine and beer sites and participating in daily home chores in the evening and morning. Evenings are always colourful with various traditional entertainments, meals and snacks. Visitors will learn how cattle and goat husbandry is done and get an opportunity to learn how to milk a cow or cook your own traditional meal ranging from Banana stew, Ugali and other culinary variations of Kilimanjaro.

Lyamungo craftsLyamungo hut

Where to stay

Lyamungo offers simple and basic home stay in a cultural village setting. On the other hand, the village is a paradise for those who like to camp in green villages far from the crowd.

Location and access

It is accessed by public transport from the Moshi-to-Arusha highway at Kilimanjaro Machine Tools junction or popularly known as Machame junction, 8 kms away.


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