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Located in Northern Tanzania on the slopes of Mount Meru third highest mountain in Sub-saharan Africa (second highest mountain in Tanzania), Meru Forest is a definite place for all your eco-tourism adventures. Meru Forest eco-tourism initiative guarantees you a wonderful experience in Lower Montane forest zone which has high diversity of flora and fauna. The area offers opportunities to explore diverse habitats home to thousands of primates that swing in acrobatic troops of black and white colobus monkeys that lives entirely as vegetarians.

The Meru Forest eco-tourism is very close to East Africa’s safari capital Arusha town. It’s an ideal day trip destination for those attending conferences or on safari/mountain trekking with a night in hotels and lodges within and around the towns of Arusha and Moshi.

Meru gardenMeru Maasai

Eco-Tour Packages

Sambasha Hill hiking (2-4 hours)

You will walk in the forest plantation for a short while and then enter a natural forest on the slopes of Sambasha hill that offers a panoramic view of nearby villages and Arusha city. On the way one will encounter Black and white colobus monkeys, Blue monkeys, forest antelopes, singing forest birds and beautiful flowers of the mountain. On top of the Sambasha hill learn bee-keeping and enjoy your drinks/bites at Sambasha picnic site.

(Hot lunch/traditional Swahili food/Maasai barbecue can be offered on request).

Themi waterfalls tour (3-4 hours)

Starting at Oldonyo Sapuk village panoramic view of Arusha town, you will walk along the forest plantation and descend to the river valley through a little bit challenging slopes for about 15 minutes. Follow the river bed with your water proof shoes or slippers to where the waterfall is located. Listen to hundreds of tales on what local people believe about the falls, locally named by Maasai ‘NAVURU’. After enjoying the falls, start your journey back, through the river bed and then a short hike up.

You are advised to bring walking shoes and slipper, walking sticks are provided by the Meru Forest Eco- tourism office.

(Hot lunch/traditional food prepared and served by women living around the bordering village/Maasai barbecue can be arranged. You need to book this at least one day before your tour).

Midawe waterfalls tour (.5-1 hour)

Midawe falls is ideal for everyone including children and elderly people. You will take an easy walk for about 10 minutes through the forest to get at Midawe falls. (You don’t need to take slippers and serious walking shoes/equipments).

Forest biking tours (3-4 hours)

Starting at Olmotonyi village, you will bike along and inside the Meru Forest Plantation. Proceed to the nearby villages bordering the forest for panoramic views and local life experience. Retire at local family for lunch and listen to stories about the Maasai culture.

One can combine biking tour with trekking to Themi waterfalls in one full day.

Forest plantation and flora experience (3-5Hrs)

Forest Plantation and Flora Experience (3-5Hrs) This walk takes you through the tree nursery where you learn about different varieties of trees and their planting and harvest for different reasons. You will continue uphill to the fertile farmlands cultivated by local people in the forest/along the forest in the village of Sambasha to learn about local soil conservation, Taungya system and traditional farming methods. You return to Meru Ecotourism Office via Olmotonyi Primary School for your carbon offsetting programme tree planting.

Eco-Cultural day tour with an overnight

Spend your day in the forest exploring the nature, waterfalls and surrounding Maasai-Villages and share your time afternoon and evening time with native Maasai and other local Tanzanians.

Village tour / traditional lunch / walking safari

Learn about Maasai culture and about incredible natural medicine – plus evening program with Maasai ceremonies, Campfire and barbecue / breakfast. Camp or overnight at the rest house.

Come and enjoy our unique forest and unforgettable evening under the African starry sky far from crowds with barbecue and Maasai traditional dances before retiring to your tent or private forest plantation visitors’ rest house.

Maasai Traditional Dance (.5-2 hours)

You will experience Maasai traditional dance and music on your excursion to our forest. Learn how Maasai sings and the teachings presented through the music.

Meru landscapeMeru plants

Value of your decision to embark on this eco-tour

Your Meru Forest Eco-tourism visit does also support local families with water, food, employment, personal income, medical treatments and education. All products on sale is hand-made and produced by the local people in nearby villages. All food supplies are bought from local farmers and livestock keepers.

Other activities:

* Mountain forest bird watching

* Forest medicine and flowers experience

* Forest bee-keeping experience

* Tree planting experience

* Visits to the forest local schools

* Visit to colourful Maasai weekly markets on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

* Come and volunteer with us

* Kilimanjaro and Meru trekking acclimatization programme

* Weekend specials

* Cultural tours in Maasai and Meru Villages

Where to stay

One rest house with 5 beds is available for visitors at the forest plantation office. Camping ground installed with Modern facilities is available. All our accommodation options guarantees a hot water shower, modern toilets accompanied by outstanding customer service.

Eco-tour guides

Our eco-tour guides are from the local communities surrounding the Meru Forest who knows well the area, their culture, history and speaks good English. They will make your safari to Africa unforgettable.

Getting there

Meru Forest Eco-tourism is 12 kms northwest of Arusha town. A number of commuters (locally known as daladala) ply the way from Arusha to Ngaramtoni. From Ngaramtoni one can take a taxi or walk through the forest road heading north for about 30 minutes to Meru Forest Eco-tourism office. The forest plantation is managed by the Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) under Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Bookings and reservations

Bookings for various excursions and tours can be made directly to Meru Forest Eco-tourism office or at Tanzania Tourist Board-Tourist Information Office, Boma Road, Arusha near the clock tower. Another option is to book through your tour operators/travel agents/lodge and hotel operators.

Incentive packages and private arrangements are available on special request!

For further information and booking contact:

Meru Forest Eco-Tourism Office,
Physical address: Meru-Usa Forest Plantation Olmotonyi Office,
Mail: P. O. Box 1257, Arusha
Mobile Number: +255 756 474 711 | + 255 769 209 386 | + 255 769423966
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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