Momela Cultural Tourism

Unforgettable Meru land experience!

Momela cultural tourism is situated along greater crater lakes of Arusha National Park, a destination endowed with colorful birds, beautiful landscape, the Mount Meru, Momela lakes, acrobatic primates such as colobus monkeys, Meru ethnic tribe, historical sites and a place with fantastic sunset. It’s definitely a must visit place while in northern Tanzania.

The following tours are offered by Momela Cultural Tourism:

* Village walk

* Nature walking safari

* Waterfall hike

* Natural forest hike

* Bird watching

* Mountain trekking adventure

* An insight into Meru culture

* Traditional dances

* Accommodation in a permanent tented camp

* Camping experience with a view of the Momela lakes flamingos

Village walk

Experience the culture, tradition and historical background of Wameru who lives on the slope of Mount Meru. By visiting their villages you will be captivated by their lifestyle and historical background which is remarkable. Come visit us today and experience the meru hospitality in our village.

Nature walking safari

Discover the wonders of nature by walking alongside or through the Arusha National Park with an amazing sceneryinhabited by different species of Wildlife such as giraffe, warthog, zebra and the like. You will love a walking safari to Momela lakes which consists of several shallow alkaline lakes such as Longil, Small Momela, Big Momela, Lake Rishateni, Lake Tululusia, Lake Jembamba and Lake Elkekhotoito.

Bird watching

Momela lakes are the best places within the northern Tanzania circuit safari for bird watching experience. The Lakes supports a wide variety of water bird species such as flamingos, Egyptian goose, grebe, waterfowls, and ibises.

Mountain climbing and trekking adventure

Mountain Climbing and Trekking Adventure Involve yourself in an adventurous activity; explore the highest peaks of mountains and hills in Meru land. Our nature trails takes visitors in places with gorgeous views of the surrounding hills, mountains found on the Meru land. The pictures you take can be a momento.

Where to stay

Momela campsite

Stay at our spacious campsite area and enjoy viewing flamingos. The camping ground with green grasses is installed with hot water shower facilities, European type clean toilets, a space for kitchen, performing art space, dining area and bar that offer various drinks including local wines and beers. We have all required equipments for your camping safari and accommodation within Arusha National Park. Our campsite area brings unforgettable safari experience involving both nature of the surroundings and local culture of the native Meru community.

Momela permanent tented camp

Our cultural tourism offers another classic accommodation option in a professionally built tented camp on hilly sides of the village overlooking the Big Momela lakes where hundreds and thousands of flamingos are found. The camp is environmentally friendly and operates as a ‘green facility’ to cause less possible harm to the natural environment. Tents are built on raised wooden platform to provide great views of the surrounding lakes and stunning landscape. Each tent has en suite facilities, flush toilet, shower facilities and hand washing basin. Tents can be arranged as doubles, singles and triples depending on visitors needs.

Getting there

Momela CTE is located approximately 40 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport and 45 Kilometers from Arusha city.

Contacts us on:
Mobile: +255 784 366935 or +255 754 607471 or +255 785 778022
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Contact Us

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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