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Old Moshi cultural tourism Enterprises is based in Old Moshi, in the Kilimanjaro region, home of Mangi Meli-one, of the famous Chagga Chiefs who ruled the area before and during colonial times. Old Moshi is 10 km north of current Moshi town and is where Moshi town was first established by Germans in 1893. Germans built a military station, which is present day Kolila Secondary School. The village lies 1,700-1,800 metres above sea level, and has scenic views of Moshi town and Mount Kilimanjaro. There is much to learn from the German military station, especially in the building’s architecture, the cemetery, and Chagga resistance against Germany colonial invasion.

Old Moshi churchOld Moshi church

The Old Moshi community offers the following tours:

Village walk (4-6 hours)

Visit the locals and learn about their way of life. Share part of your time with local people while learning various local economic activities that take place on daily basis in their village. This tour gives visitors incredible opportunities to go close to nature, visit banana farms and learn how banana beer is made and its importance to the local Chagga tribe’s men and women.

Coffee, spice and vanilla farming experience (2-3 hrs)

The tour takes visitors to the coffee farms where they learn about organic Arabica coffee small scale farming and take part in the local coffee processing. Visitors will learn step by step how local coffee is harvested, dried, pound and roasted until a cup of organic coffee is made. The tour will also include visiting Vanilla farms and tasting a cup of vanilla tea.

Chagga blacksmith tour (1 Hour)

Visit traditional Iron smiths see and learn how to make different Iron made tools.

Missionary history tour (1-2 hours)

Visit Kitimbirihu, where the first Christian missionaries settled after Bagamoyo and Zanzibar churches. See old Kidia Lutheran church and learn how missionaries from Leipzig, Germany, spread Christianity.

Waterfalls tour (1-2 hours)

A guided walk to Kwa Mambori waterfalls, believed to be the highest around mountain Kilimanjaro area estimated to be 160 meters high.

Mangi Meli palace visit (1-2 hrs)

A visit to Learn about a Chagga chief Named Mangi Meli who was caught in November 1899 and hanged in 1900 by Germans behind his palace. Visit a hanging tree and learn about the Chagga chiefdom system, its history and mystery.

Local market tour

Visit Kidia village market every Monday and Thursday.

Visit Kolila High School

A visit to Kolila High School is magnificent, the views around the architecture of the old German military station buildings is amazing. A tour will take you through the school compound and areas with stunning views of the area and Moshi town.


We arrange for volunteers who would like to work in education and health centres in our village.

Our guides

All our guides are natives and have great knowledge of the area, local culture and history. Avoid walking with unauthorized Guides. Our guides have uniform and identity card given to them by the management of Old Moshi C.T.E. All tours must start at our office in the village.


We arrange for homestays and camping in our village.

Getting there

Old Moshi is located approximately 10 km from Moshi town. You can drive from Moshi town to Kolila Secondary School via Kiboriloni or take a tax. A short walk of less than five minutes will take you to our office from the Kolila High School gate.

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