Rundugai Cultural Tourism

Rundugai Cultural Tourism is a place to create a lifelong memory for those visiting Moshi Town or Arusha for safari or mountain trekking. The village lies some 25 km from the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Drive through the round loop to Boma then turn south to the village office, just after crossing the railway. For visitors coming from Moshi the village is 38 km away. Visitors get stunning views of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru while enjoying the cultural diversity of ethnic groups coexisting together. Probably the most known are the Maasai raising their cattle and following closely their tribal culture together with Pare and Chagga people who have have different traditions and ways of life.

We people of Rundugai offer the following tour activities:

* Chemka hotspring tour

* Rundugai cultural village walk

* A visit to Maasai midwife

* A visit to a traditional healer

* Maasai cultural experience

* Cattle herding experience

* Camping and homestay experience

* Maasai traditional dances

Rundugai CreekRundugai hut

Kikuletwa Hot Spring (Chemka maji moto) tour (2-2.5 hours)

A tour of the revered Kikuletwa Hotspring with experienced local guides from Rundugai Cultural Tourism is always enticing. Visitors get a chance to swim in a unique natural pool with strong warm water current surrounded by amazing roots of fig trees. There is a rope swing for jumping into the water. After swimming you will walk to the lunch site. Local lunch is prepared by a women's group and includes traditional organic food, mostly grown in the village and around.

Maasai boma tour (3-4 hours)

A tour to the Maasai village with our local guides gives visitors an insight into the real local Maasai culture. You will spend part of your time visiting local homes and learn the Maasai way of life, livestock keeping, food and drinks used by Maasai, herding, house construction and participate in their traditional dances.

Rundugai village tour

Spend your glorious time at Rundugai village with local people and learn about the daily socioeconomic activities of different ethnic groups coexisting in one village. The tour starts at Kijiweni sub-village, which serves as a Maasai Market on Mondays and takes visitors through a local beer and wine route to learn how locals make their wines. The tour will proceed to a home of a highly respected midwife who will explain how she does her work for the community. On the other side of Majengo sub-village you will explore Pare and Chagga farms where you will see different irrigation fields such as rice field, onion field and many other vegetable crops such as okra, egg plants and tomatoes mostly grown for local consumption by the community. The tour will go through the Kikuletwa hot spring for swimming and then take your way to the lunch site. Visitors can opt to do cycling or walk in this route.

Biking from Boma town or Moshi town to Kikuletwa hot spring

Adventurous tourists are welcome to do cycling from either Boma town or Moshi to Kikuletwa hot spring via Rundugai village. Cyclists will cover more ground distance and then get an experience of many things in a short period of time while meeting different people conducting different activities on their farms, cattle herding and small business activities organized with local people. After cycling, visitors will get a refreshing swim at Kikuletwa hot spring and then proceed for lunch at a selected family.

Home stay

A homestay experience offered by Rundugai Cultural Tourism if of it’s own kind. It gives a sense of personal control to the visitors where you will learn African real life by joining the host family in different activities such as preparation of meals, work at a local farm and herding livestock.

Camping Under the Fig Tree

There is a campground that can accommodate up to 30 pax at the Kikuletwa hot spring, where campers can install their tents for the night. The area has basic facilities.

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