A short distance from the picturesque slopes of Mount Meru, at 4566 m Tanzania's second-highest peak, lies Tengeru, which is located 13 km from the town of Arusha on the road to Moshi and Dar es Salaam. It is the perfect base for exploring the cultural attractions of the rich heritage of the Meru people.

Tengeru coffeeTengeru - Duluti Lake

Coffee Tour

Enjoy a cup of homemade coffee with our people.

Take a walk through Tengeru's coffee plantations and visit a local home, where you can learn all about preparing coffee. At the end of the tour you can sip a cup of delicious coffee that has been harvested by the Meru community on the volcanic foothills of Mount Meru, where vast farms are maintained.

Lake Duluti Tour (take a safari around Lake Duluti)

This tour will give you an up-close view of Tengeru's vegetation and you will able to admire the abundant lakeside fauna and flora. You can learn about the Meru legends linked to the lake and its mysteries while getting a front-row viewing of the monkeys, birds, reptiles and many other animals whilst learning about our plant life. We also offer canoeing trips to help you get a better understanding of this magical place steeped in tradition.

Market Tour

Sample Tengeru's colourful market!

A walk through the community's market will give you a good idea of how our people live, what we eat and how we interact. On Wednesdays and Saturdays you can experience our village's busiest days.

Graveyard of the First Missionaries

Walk through the present to learn about the past!

A hike through the mountains up to the graveyard of the first missionaries to discover where Christianity became established in the community. Wander through the village to learn about Meru's history and traditions and about their life today.

Environmental Tree Planting Project

Get involved in Tengeru's conservation programme and help the environment. Stroll through Tengeru's beautiful vegetation and help local people plant trees to restore the environment, which is one of Tengeru's principal attractions as well as being our source of survival. Deforestation is, however, threatening the community and its ecology. You can be a part in our conservation programme.


Waterfalls Tour

Enjoy nature on a walk through the Mangalia Falls.

Tengeru is famous for its beautiful environment. Join us for a half-day or full-day safari up to the falls and relax in the marvels of nature.

Mount Meru Forest Tour

Walk through the forests of Tanzania's second-highest mountain.

This one-day tour will take you through the beautiful forests of Mount Meru. Take the time to unwind and enjoy nature at its most magnificent in one the country's major attributes. It is also a good place to start acclimatising for the Mount Kilimanjaro ascent by climbing to a nearby waterfall.

Mringaringa Tour

Allow yourself to be fascinated by local stories at a traditional meeting place called the Mringaringa in local dialect. Here you can listen to and be amused by the thrilling accounts of the Meru culture and watch traditional dancing. This meeting place is also used for the settlement of disputes within the community with the Meru elders presiding.

Primary Schools Tour

See how local primary schools are run.

Take a walk through the village and get to know the local children by visiting their schools and seeing where they study. Our children will give you much to remember fondly when you return home. You can visit any of the three primary schools, including the one which caters for children with disabilities that range from blindness to autism. Meet the children and join in their activities.

Local Food Preparation and Traditional Dances

Learn the fine art of cooking with a local family and be introduced to a range of dishes that are the favourites of the local people. Traditional dances are lots of fun and the music is guaranteed to soothe your mind and body.

Also: Visit the flower farms, orphanage centres, biogas project and women’s projects.

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