Chilunga Cultural Tour

Morogoro is 195km west of Dar es Salaam. It is a beautiful region with Uluguru Mountains, natural forests and endemic bird species. Apart from these attractions, visitiors can enjoy mountain hikes, historical sites, waterfalls, panoramic viewpoints and glimpses of the local culture.

Chilunga fire danceChilunga hike

The following tours can be organized:

Morning Side tour

Through Towelo and Ruvuma Village to the Morning Side, which is an old German settlement built in 1911 at 1500m on the slants of the Uluguru Mountains. On the way back, enjoy the beautiful scenery over the farming land and the town view.

Choma Traditional Village 1200m

Experience the traditional way of life of Waluguru people in their village. Take part in traditional dances, enjoy the local food, pot making, and weaving. You can stay overnight with a local family to experience the tru Waluguru life and daily chores.

Madola Tour

Visit Madola village to meet a traditional healer.

Usolo Tour

Drive through Mikuyuni centre to Usolo, where you can enjoy watching, fishing and meeting the locals.

Nugutu Traditional Village Tour

Participate in village life of the Walugulu people, try traditional food and drink, dance with them and learn to make handicrafts.

Kinole Village Tour

There are three options available:

1. Start from Kinole village and come down the Uluguru Mountains to Morogoro, passing a historical site on the way.

2. Start form Kinole village towards Morogoro through a forest reserve, where you can watch the antics of blue monkeys and black-and-white colobus monkeys.

3. Start from Kinole village towards Morogoro through Tegetero and Bangilo villages and forest reserves. Here, too, you have the opportunity of seeing blue monkeys, black-and-white colobus monkeys and birds.

Lupanga tour

Start from Morogoro and pass through lush farmlands before you go uphill to the second highest peak of the Uluguru. Enjoy the waterfalls, rainforest, endemic species of birds, insects and monkeys.

Bunduki tour

Swim and camp at the Hululu waterfall site.

Lukwangulu Plateau tour

A panoramic view is on offer from the only plateau in the Ulugurus. There is the option of staying overnight with the villagers.

Maasai village tour

Stay overnight in a Maasai village with the colourful tribe and partake in their traditional meals and markets.

Town tour

Take a tour of Morogoro town-walk, drive or ride. This can be arranged by the tourist office.

Kibwe waterfall tour

Walk to the seasonal Kibwe waterfall and view Morogoro town from the peaks of the Uluguru Mountains.

Kigurunyembe tour

Feel the cool waters of a rock stream and take a dip. Or just camp beside it and refresh yourself.

Getting there:

Morogoro can be easily reached from Dar es Salaam. Buses are regularly available.

Income from tourist visits will be used to improve conservation of natural resources and cultural sustainability in the region.

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