Liuli-Pomonda Raha Cultural Tourism

Come and explore this untouched piece of paradise

Liuli-Pomonda Cultural Tourism is located on Tanzanian shore of Lake Nyasa (also known as Lake Malawi) in Mbinga district of Ruvuma region. Liuli is the perfect destination on the southern circuit for complete relaxation and entertainments in the wilderness of Africa. The people of Liuli offer a range of activities to explore the natural beauty and traditional life of the Matengo people of Nyasa. This great place, deep in Africa is legendarily known for its untouched natural beauty and long history.

Tours on offer include:

* Pomonda rock jumping adventure

* Canoeing at Nyasa

* Livingstone Mountain hiking

* Traditional dances

* Pomonda Raha eco-camping

* Traditional cuisines

* Snorkeling in Lake Nyasa

Pomonda rock jumping adventure

Take an amazing tour to “sphinxheaven,” a huge rock in a extraordinary shape and long history commonly known as Pomonda. The rock is 300m away from Liuli bay shoreline and 500m from Pomonda Raha Eco-camp. There are two options on how to get there. One may take a swim or hire a boat to the area. Among the activities performed at Pomonda rock are adventurous jumping from top to bottom into the crystal clear water of Lake Nyasa. The fall is approximately 15m high. You can decide to have a picnic lunch inside the cave at the rock site. The cave was used by the Germans as a hiding place during world wars and can accommodate about 60 to 100 people. Enjoy legendary tales of Pomonda rock as narrated by your experienced local tour guides born and raised in Liuli.

Lake Nyasa snorkeling (1-4 hours)

Get something completely different; go for fresh water snorkeling in Lake Nyasa. Its blueness is remarkable due to the extraordinary number of colorful cichlids. Enjoy the abundance of ornamental, heart-stopping fish in the revered Lake of Stars. The pristine sandy shores are remarkable for swimming as well as a good number of water sport activities.

Lake Nyasa canoeing (2-6 hours)

A ride on Lake Nyasa is one of Tanzania’s great journeys. Row to one of the two islands nearby. At the north lies Hongi Island while on the south lies Puulu Island. The Nyasa blueness will provide you with a relaxing sensation, while having a far view of untouched beaches, the Livingstone ranges and aquatic life along the way. The sunsets at Nyasa are magical, providing good photographic scenery.

Livingstone Mountain hiking (5-8 hours)

Explore the Livingstone ranges in Liuli. The journeys can start by bike from the campsite to the foot of the mountain, then hiking to the top, which normally takes about two to three hours. You will have a chance of meeting the Matengo people, who cultivate coffee and live on these mountains; learn their activities and cultural lifestyle. Your local guide can arrange for you to have lunch at the roof top while enjoying a view of the ranges and the lake, and if interested can camp for a night.

Traditional dance (upon arrangements)

Join us for Matengo traditional dances. Special dances are performed by the men and women of Matengo. Men can participate in Mganda dance and women in Kioda dance.


Our cuisine will leave your mouth watery! Everything we prepare for our visitors is fresh and organic. Ranging from fish and meat barbecue, salads, chips, ugali made from cassava or maize and vegetables will give you a true taste of African dishes. With our well experienced cooks, hygiene is a top priority and we make sure that our visitors get the best service.

Where to stay

Visitors can stay at our Pomonda Raha Eco-camp, which is on the beach front of Lake Nyasa. There are huts with tents of various sizes. We can arrange camping for two or five people depending on your preference. Enjoy a nightly bonfire on the beach and have some barbecue in a cool breeze.

Getting there

Take a ferry from Itungi port to Mbamba bay, and drop at Liuli port. There are two weekly ferries on the Tanzanian side. Normally MV Songea or MV Iringa sails from Itungi on Thursday noon and you will arrive at Liuli on Friday in the morning hours. Another option can be by bus from Dar-es-salaam-Songea then Songea to Liuli. It takes 8 hours to travel by local buses from Songea to Liuli while by a private vehicle the journey takes 4 hours only.

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