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We people of Uyole Mbeya are delighted to welcome you to the green city of Tanzania with its marvelous lake Ngozi where you can experience the real Safwa and Nyakyusa culture and enjoy crispy air produced by lush green tropical vegetations. Spend part of your time with us for a memorable cultural encounter. You will experience the local culture of communities living in southern Tanzania at its best.

Tours on offer include:

* Hiking in Poroto Ridge Nature Reserve Mountains

* Lake Ngozi hiking

* A tour to God’s bridge

* A visit to Ifisi zoo, ravine and cultural museum

* A visit to Mbozi Metereorite

* A visit to the Safwa villages in the area

* Participation in culture and Safwa tradition dances “Mbeta”

* Mountain trekking at Loleza and Kawetile rift valley view

* Story telling

* Kitulo National Park tour

* Local beer and wine experience

Half-day tours

Story Telling

You will meet people of different ages and get an opportunity to interact. Visit elderly people “Wazee” without missing the Safwa chiefs who will tell you stories about the Safwa people, their origin, traditions, chiefdom system (its rise and fall) and hundreds of tales of the locals.

Local Beer Brewing Experience

Visitors will get to learn all the procedures for making some of the local beers of southern Tanzania. Taste a local beer with friends and use available calabash and bamboo straws to enjoy the beers and wines on offer.

Nature Walks

Discover the wonders of the natural environment through outdoor recreation for restoration of one’s well being though nature walks within and around the Mbeya region which boasts amazing scenery covered with lush green vegetation.

Traditional Dance

While you’re enjoying your stay in Mbeya, be part of the Safwa traditional dance ceremony which is performed by a group of men and women. Different songs are meant for different occasions such as welcoming guests, ceremonial dances and crop harvesting songs.

Full-day tours

Lake Ngozi Hiking (Crater Lake Hiking)

Discover an exciting sight of outstanding natural beauty and superb hiking. The forest is home to species of flora and fauna such monkey and many birds. On each side of the walking routes, the trails are covered by magnificent highland forest, beautiful flowers and huge trees. As one gets to the crater rim, the view of the lake and landscape around is astonishing. Enjoy the view and listen to legendary stories about the lake and what local people believe about this natural wonder. A full-day hike is recommended with hot lunch at local family or packed lunch for picnic lovers.

Hiking on Mountains and Peaks of Mbeya

Enjoy adventurous hiking through scenic hilly villages of Mbeya. Our hiking program takes visitors through local farms, village settlements and local markets all the way to the high peaks of famous mountains and hills of the south including Loleza, Kawetire and Poroto Mountains. The peaks have panoramic views of the Great Lift Valley and the Mbeya city.

Kitulo National Park Hiking

We organize professional hiking experience to Kitulo plateau across the grasslands to watch birds and view rolling landscape dotted with beautiful endemic wildflowers. Multiple-day tours combine Kitulo National Park tour and hiking to the local villages, trekking to the Livingstone Mountains as well as a visit to the sumptuous Matema beach on Lake Nyasa.

Other tours include: Farm activities, cycling and a visit to the Chief of Safwa people.

Getting there

Mbeya can be accessed through various ways. Visitors can opt to fly and land at Songwe International Airport (2 hours), take a bus (12-14 hours) or take a train through TAZARA railway line (36-48 hours) from Dar es Salaam. After arriving in Mbeya, it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour from the airport to our office located at Uyole Kati, 30 minutes from TAZARA station and 15 minutes from the main bus station.

For details and booking, contact the tour coordinator through:
Mobile: +255 (0) 783545464/766422703
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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